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"Tears of Joy"

"I have been on a personal quest to heal my past traumas for many years. In addition to healing past trauma, I strive to create a bright future filled with happiness and abundance. I have done yoga, meditation and tried many other holistic approaches. When I learned of “Awakening Soulful Journeys” I was eager to try energy healing with Heather. I was excited to learn she offered the service in the comfort of my own home. She arrived promptly for the appointment. After carefully choosing a private space, she quickly assembled her table and began. She asked permission to lightly touch my energy field where she began to pick up my energetic vibrations. During the session, the best I can describe the feeling is as if I was placed in the most tender loving energetic hug around my soul and body. I felt safe to experience any and all emotions. The gift Heather has is an ability to create a space where you are free to feel whatever is on your mind and heart, even things you may have been subconsciously suppressing. Heather's light embrace allows the feelings to flow through you in a safe and caring way. When she was finished, which took about an hour, I did not want to leave the comforting glow I felt. We discussed the session and Heather was able to talk about various moments and times in my life I had never shared with her or anyone else. She provided guidance and insight to help process heavy emotions. The session left me feeling lighter energetically and with eyes filled with Joy. I would recommend for anyone to try a session!"

~Jackie S

"Give it a Try"

"I’d like to provide a suggestion to you. I was lucky to have an energy session by Heather. I felt relaxed, at ease, and clear in thought! She was able to use her quiet voice to ask a few questions.  I felt weightless as though I had had a long long nap… just give it a try, I had issues become clear and helped with finding some solutions.   Try it there’s nothing to lose just a chance to feel better, find answers and meet a kind sweet spirit who has the ability and wants to help you!"

~Doreen S

"Heather is Amazing"

"Heather is an amazing IET practitioner. Heather has a gentle and compassionate way of interpreting your energy field. She was able to help me clear unexpressed feelings and energy blockages that I was unaware of, which help with self-healing. After the session, Heather and I reviewed what was felt during the session. I felt lighter and calmer and definitely less stress after the IET session. Heather added healing crystals to help with the vibration of energy flow. I highly recommend Heather as an energy practitioner."

~Linda J

"I Highly Recommend Heather!"

"I highly recommend Heather ! She is truly a wonderful healer!  Heather is very caring and compassionate about healing others. Heather was able to release energy blocks I  didn’t even realize I had.  She made me feel so relaxed and at peace.  Looking forward to another session with Heather in the future.  She has such a beautiful gift!" ~ ~Dottie M

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