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About  Heather &  Awakening Soulful Journeys

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Summer of 2018... It began as an earth shattering thunder..."you have cancer!" I didn't know what to do with those words. Was this real? Did I really just hear that? I truly felt I shifted to an alternate universe of chaos and confusion...foggy...unknown and uncertain. I grasped for anything that could explain what I was just told. Nothing...I was driving to pick up a friend from work when the news came. I drove to her business campus and parked by a line of pine trees. I cried and called out..."why?!...Is this really happening?...What do I do?!"

In that moment a cardinal flew past and I was immediately filled with peace, inexplicable peace. It was in those moments that this message was spoken to my heart and soul. "This is scary. There are many unknowns. However, trust that this is the beginning of something huge, something magnificent. This is the awakening of your soul. None of this makes sense, I know. What does 'awakening' of your soul even mean, you may be asking yourself. You don't need to focus on that right now. It will come to understanding in time. All you need to know is that everything will be okay. This cancer begins your rebirth. It holds the entry to your soul's purpose here on earth. Trust this and know it is for your greater good and that of the world."

I didn't understand a lot of what I heard, however I just knew it was all good and so I reached out and embraced that knowing.The next four years were challenging to say the least. Countless tests, several rounds of chemo, radiation, five surgeries, metastasis (stage 4) a permanent ileostomy, paralysis, multiple GI blockages & hospital stays. I questioned time and time again, "how is this for my greater good?" And it was always answered with an inexplicable, peaceful knowing.

So often I felt alone during this health journey, even with the amazing support from my husband, family and friends. Alone because none of my support was experiencing what I was enduring. It was in these moments of anger and despair that my transformation truly began. I have always felt different, out of place, not belonging. I have always fought to fit in, while deep down feeling like a fraud. I realize now that I wasn't a fraud, I was simply ignoring the whisper of my soul, nudging me to break free, embrace my unique gifts and be me. This cancer diagnosis was the "scream" of my soul, my mind body reaching its breaking point from years, even lifetimes of ignoring and suppressing the guidance from the whisper showing me who I am and how I am here to serve.

Treatment after treatment, hospitalization after hospitalization, complication after complication, day after day bed ridden or home bound, my perspective and mindset began to shift, often being reminded of the message I had received when I first learned of my diagnosis. I began to see each step of my cancer journey as an opportunity to heal from the inside out, for it was the inside of me that I had been neglecting and mistreating all this time. That was becoming clear. And it was here that gratitude and self love awakened in me.

I started meditating (not even knowing how); reading countless books on healing, soul contracts, Toltec wisdom, scriptures, self love and many more. I was guided to enroll in a health/life coach program and became certified. From there I was introduced to energy healing. Initially I was seeking a holistic approach to provide my mind body with all the tools and support it needed to heal as it was designed to at the time of my creation. To my surprise and elation it did so much more. The energy healing included IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) sessions, PEMF sessions, halotherapy, and foot detoxes.

The IET sessions triggered and released blockages, old belief systems, past hurts and regrets, and deep rooted fears. And it reunited me with my inner child, my guides, my angels, and my intuition. It awakened in me a love, a belonging and a freedom I had lost so long ago. The PEMF sessions gradually and miraculously cleaned my physical body on a cellular level, unweaving the web that had been woven by sickness, scars, toxins, and sludge that had accumulated from the chemo, radiation, paralysis, neuropathy, poor diet, immobility, GI issues, and trauma from surgeries and life experiences.

With each session more strands of the web were unwoven and my health restored. The halotherapy and foot detoxes further contributed to the release of toxins and the renewal of my mind, body, and soul. Through this healing journey I did not just heal mind/body/soul, I found my call to service. I now know why I am here (though my soul knew it all along) be a channel to healing. It was my own life threatening diagnosis and healing journey that has awakened my soul purpose and equipped me with experiences that I believe are now a healing guide for others.

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